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Ladies Only Self Defense Training

The Defensive Handgun Course is an intensive 8 hour course that will teach the basic knowledge and skills necessary to take your basic handgun skill set to the next level. This class is designed for intermediate - advanced level students that are required to have a current Texas LTC. Physical demonstrations of proficiency in techniques learned in training is required for course completion.

Student must provide the following equipment:

- Handgun with at least three magazines with a minimum  of a 10 round capacity .  Weapon will be inspected prior to range portion of training.

- 200 rounds of commercial brass cased training ammunition (extra is recommended)

- Appropriate holster: A belt or paddle holster capable of retaining the weapon with a mechanism or enough friction to overcome gravity.

*No holsters that use the index / trigger finger to release the handgun.

- Hat or Cap

- Safety or Prescription Glasses

- Hearing protection.

- Appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear.

- Tactical LED Handheld Flashlight designed for patrol or duty use that is no longer than six inches.

- A commercial tourniquet with belt mounted carrying case

Physical elements of the training include:

  • Refining of marksmanship skills

  • Tactical shooting

  • Shooting while moving

  • Shooting in low light conditions

  • Emergency Medical Training (Stop the bleed course)  

Course seating is limited to  maximize instructor to student ratio.  

Text or Call Us 956-400-8323 for further assistance

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