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Ladies Only Handgun Fundamentals and MACE Civilian Pepper Spray Training

The Ladies Only Self Defense Training covers both basic handgun training to include the range portion of Texas License to Carry  licensing program. We also include the MACE personal protective spray certification program. 

The Ladies Only Handgun Fundamentals and MACE civilian pepper spray training is an eight-hour course designed to familiarize participants with the use of both handgun and personal protective spray aspects. 

The Ladies only Basic Handgun and Licensing Course is specifically designed for students who have little or no handgun experience. Curriculum includes basic instruction in firearms and range safety, safe handgun handling, loading and clearing a handgun, fundamentals of shooting, and a live fire practical session with individualized coaching. 
Course seating is limited to maximize the time you spend with our experienced cadre of instructors. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and skill set to confidently handle a handgun. 

The LTC Course provides basic marksmanship instruction and the pistol qualification portion of the mandated LTC training so candidates can apply for handgun licensing.

 The classroom portion of our course will now be completed online once the student is registered for the course.

Range Qualification Course Requirements:

- Semi-automatic handgun or a revolver (unloaded). 

- Hat or Cap

- Safety or Prescription Glasses and hearing protection.

- Appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear.

-100 rounds of ammunition - brass commercial ammunition only. 

* If you don't have a handgun please contact us directly to make arrangements. 

The MACE spray training courses will emphasize both the effective use of pepper spray as well as a deep understanding of the laws surrounding its use. The Mace Civilian Pepper Spray Training course exemplifies a continued commitment to comprehensive safety education. With a focus on situational awareness and the nuances of self-defense tools. This course ensures that individuals are not only well-equipped but also well-informed.  


The course covers what chemical irritants are in personal protective sprays and the science behind how these chemical irritants work on an attacker. Key concepts of situational awareness to help you with personal safety, how conflicts can escalate, and you will learn de- escalation techniques to downshift the conflict when possible. The types of personal protective sprays, including how to choose the right product for your personal safety needs, best practices for the care and handling of personal protective sprays. How to use aerosol sprays properly, including effective use of sprays in self-defense situations. The legal requirements you must consider for the purchase, possession, and defensive use of personal protective sprays.

$150 is the standard course fee and does not include state fees.


There are no refunds unless the instructor cancels the course. If a student is unable to attend, they will be afforded an opportunity to attend the next scheduled course. If unable to attend tuition is forfeited. 

Text or Call Us 956-400-8323 for further assistance.

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