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First Responders LTC

The First Responders LTC course is a 40 hour course that will provide first responders the skill sets and basic knowledge to carry while on duty or responding to emergencies. Courses have limited seating to minimize instructor to student ratio.


Classroom training in:

- Self-defense

- De-escalation techniques

- Tactical thinking relating to cover for and concealment of the license holder

- Methods to conceal a handgun and methods to ensure the secure carrying of a concealed handgun

-  The use of restraint holsters and methods to ensure the secure carrying of an openly carried handgun

-  Consequences of improper use of a handgun

Field instruction includes:

- Instinctive or reactive shooting

- Tactical shooting

- Shooting while moving

- Shooting in low light conditions

Concluding with physical demonstrations of proficiency in techniques learned in training. 

After receiving the initial education, there will be a required annual continuing education course that cannot exceed 10 hours of instruction.

Required Equipment:

- Semi-automatic handgun (unloaded).

- Hat or Cap 

- Safety or Prescription Glasses and hearing protection.

- Appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear.

- Commercial ammunition only


Cost:  TBD 

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