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Defensive Handgun Tactics


Service Description

The Defensive Handgun Course is an intensive 5 hour course that will teach the basic knowledge and skills necessary to take your basic handgun skill set to the next level. This class is designed for intermediate - advanced level students that are required to have a current Texas LTC. Physical demonstrations of proficiency in techniques learned in training is required for course completion. Student must provide the following equipment: - Handgun with at least three magazines with a minimum of a 10 round capacity . Weapon will be inspected prior to range portion of training. - 200 rounds of commercial brass cased training ammunition (extra is recommended) - Hat or Cap - Safety or Prescription Glasses - Hearing protection. - Appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear. - A commercial tourniquet with belt mounted carrying case Physical elements of the training include: Refining of marksmanship skills Tactical shooting Shooting while moving Course seating is limited to maximize instructor to student ratio. * STOP the Bleed Training is completed prior to range training. Text or Call Us 956-400-8323 for further assistance

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

If, after registration, you are unable to attend this course contact us directly as there are no tuition refunds. Arrangements will be made to reserve a seat in the next available course. If the student is unable to attend the rescheduled training the tuition if forfeit.

Contact Details

  • 801 Bryan Road, Mission, TX, USA

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